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Rock Band Blitz, PSN | XBLA - Rock Band goes Arcadey mit Standardpads und allem DLC
Beitrag 4. Apr 2012, 09:32 | Beitrag #1
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Rock Band Blitz announced: Downloadable, uses RB DLC
Wed, Apr 04, 2012 | 00:34 BST

As promised, Harmonix has unveiled its latest title, the downloadable one-man-band simulator Rock Band Blitz.

As awesome as a one-man-band peripheral would be, Rock Band Blitz is played with a standard control pad. Gameplay looks to be more arcade style than simulation, rather like earlier rhythm action titles, before the plastic craze hit. Players can switch between instrument tracks at will to chain up high scores.

Rock Band Blitz ships with 25 songs, but can also use any of the tracks you’ve downloaded as DLC for previous releases in the series; presumably that means those you’ve paid a fee or used a code to export from the discs, too.

Any additional songs purchased for Rock bBand Blitz will also be playable in Rock Band 3, and vice versa, and you can export Blitz’s soundtrack for use in Rock Band 3.

Harmonix hasn’t provided pricing or release date details, but Rock Band Blitz will launch through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. You can check it out at PAX East this weekend.


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